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Word Lists

The first provisions for the strategy section of this website will be a series of word-lists, to aid in playing the game. All of these are provisional, and open to emendation or correction, should you detect a problem. Currently, the re-compiled two-letter word list is up, and it will soon be followed by other lists, as they are compiled.

Two-Letter Words Admissible in Latin Scrabble

Word Part Morpheme Lexeme Definition pg. (LS) Hooks
ab prep by, from
ac conj. [=atque] and also
ad prep to, towards, near, at, until, according to
ah interj. ah! alas! ha! ah me! aha
ai interj ah! alas! aio, ais, ait
ai verb imper. aio (def.) to affirm aio, ais, ait
an conj. or, whether 114
ar prep [=ad]
as noun nom. as, assis a copper coin, unit of measurement ast
at conj. but, but indeed [=ast]
au interj. [=hau] aut, hau
bu noun voc. bua, -ae sound of baby begging for milk bua
da verb imper. do, dare to give das, dat
de prep. from, concerning
di noun voc. deus, dei god
do verb 1.s.pres do, dare to give edo
ea pron. fem. is, ea, id he/she/it aer, aes
ei interj. oh! 634 eis
ei pron. dat. is, ea, id he/she/it 634 eis, hei
em pron. m.acc.s [=eum] is, ea, id he/she/it hem
em interj. [=en] 640 emo, hem
em interj. [=hem] 640 emo, hem
en interj. lo! behold! 645
eo verb 1.s.pres eo, ire to go 648 deo
eo pron. m.abl.s is, ea, id he/she/it
eo adv. there, to that place, therefore
er noun nom. er, eris hedgehog 654
es verb 2.s.pres sum, esse to be est
et conj. and, also
eu interj. well! well done! 663 heu
ex prep. from, out of 669
fi verb imper. fio, fiere to become 744 fis, fit
fi interj. pah! foh! 744
fu interj. [=fue/fufae] foh! fie! 787 fue
ha interj. thank heavens! {or} ha!ha!ha! 833 has, hau
hi pron. m.nom.p hic, haec, hoc this/these hic, hii, hiis, his
ho interj. oh! (astonishment) oh?! 859
id pron. n.nom.s is, ea, id he/she/it
ii pron. m.nom.p [=ei] is, ea, id he/she/it hii
ii verb 1.s.perf [=ivi] eo, ire to go hii
im pron. m.acc.s [=eum] is, ea, id he/she/it 887
in prep. in, into 911 ina
io interj. ho! huzzah! 997 aio
ir [=hir] 999
is pron. m.nom.s is, ea, id he/she/it 1003
it verb 3.s.pres eo, ire to go
mi pron. dat.s [=mihi]
mu interj. [a muttering or sound of lament]
mu noun nom. mu (indecl.) the Greek letter Mu
na verb imper. no, nare to swim 1211 nas, nat, una
ne adv./conj. [expresses a negative force]
ne verb imper. neo, nere to spin, weave nes, net, une
ni adv./conj. not [expresses a negative force] 1205 uni
no verb 1.s.pres no, nare to swim 1211
ob prep on account of, in the way of
oh interj. oh! O! 1261
oi interj. [an expression of lament] 1261
os noun nom. os, oris (n.) mouth 1281
os noun nom. os, ossis (n.) bone 1282
re noun abl. res, rei (f.) a thing
se pron. acc./abl. himself/herself/itself
se prep. [=sed] [for sine]
si conj. si if, if only, whether
st interj. shh! ast, est
te pron. you ite, ted
tu pron. you 1906 tua, tue, tui, tuo
ut conj. ut so that, as [indicates purpose]
vi noun dat./abl. vis, vis (f.) force, strength, power