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2005 Final

Friday, April the Eighth, 2:15pm

Winston Black v. A. G. Rigg

The Plays

MATER 12 12 PRIVETUR 65 65
TURDUS 10 85 GREX 20 112
NUBILIA 14 99 COMAS 21 133
EQUITAT/ET 14 113 FI 25 158
PLEBI 32 145 PLEBIS/REOS/SE 19 177
VAGO 14 159 EMENDI 11 188
HALAT 26 218 HI/IS/AS 17 226
HIRCOS 42 260 IMA/AB/ME 21 247
QUEO 9 269 SILEX/SI 26 273
AENEA 12 281 GEMENDIS/CIS 18 291
-1 280 +1 292

Both finalists, having handily won their earlier games, established themselves as truly worthy to compete for the Latin Scrabble crown. But only one would be allowed it. Winston showed the level of play that would be expected when he played the Scrabble (bingo) PRIVETUR on his first turn, wishing that his opponent "might be deprived," presumably of the crown. George immediately countered with the Scrabble METENTUR, predicting that his opponent "will be cut down." It was not to be so, however, as, close as the game was, Prof Rigg was stuck with one letter at game end, playing AENEA "brazen," and leaving the play open to Winston's impressive final move CIS [various meanings: "you rouse," "on this side of," a unit of measure] and GEMENDIS "by/to the things which are to be lamented," which, at 17 points, handily netted him more than the 7 points he needed to win the game. At the end, a profound sense of relief seized Winston, as the culmination of the tournament brought him both victory and an end to the fierce mental battles he had waged to arrive at this final point.

A. G. Rigg, the 2005 Scrabblator Melior.

Winston Black, the 2005 Scrabblator Optimus!

Another picture of the plays.

Victor: Black
Score: 292 to 280
Final Board