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Ludus Scrabularum
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Round One

Friday, March the Fourth, 2:15pm

The contestants in this year's tournament gathered on the Fourth of March to determine who should advance to the second round, and the first step to the title of Scrabblator Optimus. Ten contestants met upon this day, with one game scheduled for another day and one participant, tournament organizer Sean Winslow, drawing a bye.

Jonathan Newman v. Andrew Reeves

PhD students Jon Newman and Andrew Reeves took it head to head in the first game of the 2005 tournament. Evenly matched, the two followed each other closely, with Jon nudging back into the lead in penultimate play to seal his victory. Andrew, coming off a bout of the flu, insists that he only lost because he was "on death's door."

Victor: Newman
Score: 196 to 179
Final Board

A. G. Rigg v. Christian Knudsen

Christian Knudsen, PhD student, bravely volunteered to play his first game ever of Latin Scrabble in the tournament, and scarely blanched when told he would face senior Latinist George Rigg in the first round. Though Christian played well for a first-time participant, Professor Rigg, last year's Scrabblator Melior, nevertheless solidly defeated him.

Victor: Rigg
Score: 354 to 110
Final Board

Rachel Kessler v. Rob Getz

MA student Rachel Kessler faced off against her Latin TA, Rob Getz, in a match characterized by

Victor: Kessler
Score: 214 ro 198
Final Board Unavailable

Adam Bishop v. Juan Tomas

Keener undergrad Juan Tomas and regular Friday opponent, MA student Adam Bishop drew each other for a familiar match, though this time with heightened stakes. Adam pulled ahead with an early lead, and managed to maintain it for the whole game, defending the honour of the graduate division with his 23-point victory.

Victor: Bishop
Score: 224 to 201
Final Board

Andrew Crabtree v. David Townsend

In an extremely close game, PhD student Andrew Crabtree took on Latin Professor, David Townsend. The game ran overtime, most likely due to too much thinking on the part of the contestants. Due to a lecture that both contestants were due to attend, an overtime ruling was made, awarding the game to Crabtree by only two points. Due to the low point differential, Prof. Townsend will be awarded the "wildcard" slot for the next round of the tournament.

Victor: Crabtree
Score: 190 to 188
Final Board

March the Tenth, 2:15pm

Winston Black v. Jess Paehlke

Winston Black and Jess Paehlke met at a later date, due to the Vaganted conference, but the delay made them only more eager to rise to the high level of Scrabble played earlier. Though both played valiantly, Jess' dramatic lighting and mischevious grin could not overcome his letters, and ultimately proved no match for Winston's clever plays, like fis/fu/si for 40 points and his moral support, ending in the shock of defeat for Jess.

Victor: Black
Score: 277 to 215
Final Board

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