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Friday, 12 March 2004, 2:15pm

The Game

A. G. Rigg v. Morris Tichenor

dandis 18 18 sectae 11 11
ardens 16 34 gaudio 10 21
delearis 72 106 ah/oh 50 71
ambivi 14 120 quivit 18 89
mere 21 141 agor 18 107
coquet 8 149 metus 18 125
sex 10 159 nuces 26 151
exire 12 171 perfuse 54 205
terant 14 185 ortum 18 223
quiet (challenged) -- 185 tacto 21 244
quale 10 195 ali 4 248
as (??) 9 204      
  7 211   -7 241

Both contestants agreed that they would stake the tournament upon one single-elimination game, and this set a tense mood for the last hour of the 2004 Scrabble Tournament. With a crowd of onlookers and well-wishers gathered to witness this historic event, the contestants set out to determine who should be king of Latin Scrabble and merit the coveted title of "Scrabblator Optimus."

Rigg opened up strong, setting out his agenda with true fighting words, laying out the bingo "delearis" (2nd s. pass. subj of deleo: 'you shall be destroyed!') for 72 points. Tichenor, not to be deterred by such threats, simply acknowledged with "ah" (interjection: 'ah!'), scoring a stunning 50 points with a mere two letters. Tichenor started to close on Rigg's lead, taking it with "perfuse" (voc. s. past participle of perfundo: 'O having-been-poured-over-thing!'). After Tichenor stole the lead, Rigg lost momentum, losing a turn when "quiet" was challenged and found to be an inadmissable form (though it appears to be a real form, they agreed that it was not admissable as a derivation from Lewis and Short's lexeme). Though Professor Rigg played the last tile, earning the bonus for going out, it was not enough to take away Tichenor's win.

Congratulations to Morris Tichenor, 2oo4 Centre for Medieval Studies Scrabblator Optimus!

Pictures from the Final

Thanks to Morris and Prof. Rigg, to Tod Post for supplemental pictures when the organizer's camera broke, and to all participants in the tournament!

Victor: Tichenor
Score: 241 to 211
Final Board