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Ludus Scrabularum
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Semi-Finals (Second Round)

Friday, 05 March 2004, 2:15pm

Due to the tie in round three, four contestants made it to the fourth round, and a second semi-final round was held, instead of a round-robin final.

Game One

Miles Pattenden v. Morris Tichenor

Miles, "Miles Gloriosus" Pattenden took on Morris "Hubris" Tichenor in a game that observers had been looking forward to since the first round. No one doubted the Scrabble ability of the smartly-dressed Cambridger or the rodeo-shirt-attired Louisianan, and partisans for both sides appeared, to cheer on the warring parties in their widely-anticipated match. In the end, Miles could not overwhelm the hubristic juggernaut that is Morris; though observers are split on the cause of this, some have attributed it to the Bayou native's dabblings in the dark arts of Voudoun.

Victor: Tichenor
Score: 339 to 254
Final Board

Game Two

A.G. Rigg v. Andrew Crabtree

Despite catching up by more than 100 points in the final round with the best play of the entire game, Andrew Crabtree's proclivity to draw English words into his hand surely left him at a disadvantage in a game played in Latin. Professor Rigg, in top form for the entire tournament thus far, put some serious thought into it, and eventually, Andrew was forced to follow his own hand's advice to "exit, ace."

Victor: Rigg
Score: 297 to 217
Final Board