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Round Two

Round two spanned reading week, thus the large gap between dates. A couple of nifty pretentious-art-like shots may be found here and here.

Friday, 13 February 2004, 2:15pm

Townsend V. Pattenden

Miles Pattenden's avowed goal of meeting and decimating Tichenor in the final left him feeling no mercy for David Townsend, who to him was merely another bump in the road to his foe. Prof. Townsend fought valiantly but was overwhelmed by Miles' competent verbal soldiering.

Victor: Pattenden
Score: 298 to 175
Final Board

Johnson v. Black

Winston confirms his status as a favorite for the finals by ruthlessly stomping yet another foe in his bloodthirsty rise to the heights of Scrabblish power. Though Maire fought the good fight, she could not slow him down enough, and early momentum led Winston to a compelling win. Maire's final word is reputed to have been a defiant "reddam."

Victor: Black
Score: not available (the organizer lost it, blame him)
Final Board

Archibald v. Crabtree

The bad magic of Friday the 13th wrought its malicious intent upon Archibald's game, leaving the doughty fighter bereft of all vowels. With no ammunition to keep her verbal cannons stocked, she was forced to surrender to the thundering vowellage of her enemy, leaving the field and securing a place for Andrew in the semi-final round.

Victor: Crabtree
Score: 274 to 156 (Concession)
Final Board

Wednesday, 25 February 2004

Paehlke v. Rigg

In a fitting Ciceronian tribute, Professor Emeritus A. G. Rigg upheld the wisdom and honour of old age against the strength of young challenger Jess Pahlke. Prof. Rigg is reported to have said "levis est senectus, nec solum non molesta, sed etiam iucunda." followed by "Take that, youth!"

Victor: Rigg
Score: 274 to 237
Final Board

Hicks v. Tichenor

In a battle remarkable for a level of trash-talking that would make WWF wrestlers blush, Heather Hicks took on Morris Tichenor. Though Heather played valiantly, her eventual defeat was sealed by the might of Morris' shiny pants, which lead him to a doubling of his opponent's score.

Victor: Tichenor
Score: 312 to 148
Final Board