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Ludus Scrabularum
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Round One

Wednesday the Fourth, 2:15pm

Newman v. Rigg

The first Round of the tournament started Wednesday Afternoon with the midweek-bracket game, in which Jonathan Newman bravely volunteered to go up against the Centre's senior Latinist, Professor Emeritus A.G. Rigg.

Victor: Rigg
Score: 248 to 230
Final Board

Friday the Sixth, 2:15pm

The basement common room of the Centre for Medieval Studies was packed with 18 competitors and a variety of spectators, all gathered to witness the first round of the 2004 Latin Scrabble tournament. Between the boards, those who were not playing, watched, socialized, practiced their Latin, and even planned strategy.

Stelman v. Townsend

Friday's games started with a deathmatch between Joan Marie Stelman and Professor David Townsend. Sister Joan is a regular Scrabble heavyweight, known for large scores made with just one or two letters, while Professor Townsend is head of the Latin Committee. These two fought all the way in a remarkably-tight game that was finally decided by just one point.

Victor: Townsend
Score: 270 to 269
Final Board

Archibald v. Paehkle

Elizabeth Archibald, a Friday Scrabble steadfast, went up against relative unknown (I am informed that this is untrue, and that Jess has played a great deal, just not this year) Jess Paehkle in perhaps the most sudprising match of the round, which resulted in a 221-221 tie.

Victor: TIE
Score: 221 to 221
Final Board

Elema v. Black

Ariella Elema and Winston Black, two PhD students who have not been seen in the recent Friday circuit returned to show that they are not, indeed, rusty. In the future, Ariella will be more alert for Winston's deviousness, having discovered, too late, his perfidy in telling her that "saga" (f. noun "witch, wise woman") was a Norse, and not a Latin word. Using his mastery of such devious tricks, as well as excellent vocabulary and scrabble skills, he moved into a commanding lead.

Victor: Black
Score: 293 to 210
Final Board

Toporoski v. Johnson

First-time Latin Scrabble player Dr. Richard Toporoski was the only member of the Classics department brave enough to answer the call to the tournament. Alone representing the department, his considerable command of Latin could not save him from Maire's better board position.

Victor: Johnson
Score: 170 to 145
Final Board

Friday the Sixth, 3:15pm

Reeves v. Tichenor

In a much-anticipated game unfortunately characterized on both sides by remarkably bad tile draws, Morris Tichenor, the hubristic king of Friday Scrabble games, only just managed to sneak in a win past fellow regular, Andrew 'Ted' Reeves.

Victor: Tichenor
Score: 224 to 211
Final Board

Post v. Crabtree

In a game between two regulars, Andrew Crabtree called for help, but needed none of it in order to beat Tod Post, the self-titled "non-meat filler of Latin Scrabble," who ended up just one more corpse on the pile.

Victor: Crabtree
Score: 186 to 132
Final Board

Winslow v. Pattenden

The highest-scoring match of the round saw an excellent duel between tournament-organiser Sean Winslow and the exceedingly sharply-dressed Miles Pattenden. Despite strong scoring by Sean, Miles' astounding three consecutive bingoes netted him a commanding 150 bonus points, which allowed him to comfortably slip into an 89-point lead at game's end. Pattenden says that the victory is only his first on his way to meeting up with Tichenor in the final rounds.

Victor: Pattenden
Score: 346 to 257
Final Board

Hicks v. Guerson

The final game of the round ended when, under time pressure, Alexandra Guerson, from the History department, conceded defeat to Heather Hicks, eliminating the last non-Centre participant from the tournament.

Victor: Hicks
Score: 171 to 142
Final Board